New Baby Update

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We had our 18 week ultrasound done last week and found out the sex.  But we're keeping it a secret for a couple more months.  We are planning to have a gender reveal party around Halloween to let family know the sex.  By that time we'll be all moved into our house and the nursery will be complete!  YAY!  I can't wait to tell everyone! 

The baby looked good.  Heartbeat was strong - around 160 BPM.  Little bean was moving all around in there.  I have been feeling movement over the past 2 weeks...getting stronger by the day.  I felt the first real "kick" yesterday - at 19 weeks.  This pregnancy is going by so much faster than the first.  Between buying a house, having another baby, and trying to keep up with Christian things are very busy these days. 

We are closing on the house September 28th...which can't come fast enough!

Here is the 18 week profile pic:

New Windsor Rodeo 2011

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Paul, Christian and I went to New Windsor, IL this weekend for the rodeo.  It was my favorite rodeo so far!  Christian is at the perfect age and had such a good time.  He loved all the rides...mainly the train and bouncy house.  He did really well staying up late and on the long drive there and back (4+ hours).  We got back about 2 hours ago and he's still napping.  =)  Christian loved spending time with Josh and Nana.

Here are some pics:

House Hunting = Headache

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So Paul and I sold our mobile home this month...YAY!  We are completely out of it and are living with my parents.  (Thanks Mom & Dad!)  But it's tight and we need to find a house ASAP!  We are looking EVERYWHERE!  At first just at Jefferson County - Arnold, Fenton, High Ridge, Imperial, Barnhart, Hillsboro, etc.  But we're starting to see that all the things we want in a house are not available in this area in our price range.  We put a bid in on one house but were out bid.  Boo! =(

We are now looking outside of Jefferson County as well.  Wish us luck!!!

Christian Has BIG News

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Christian is going to be a big brother!  We are due January 29th, 2012 and can't wait to meet our new little one.  We had the first ultrasound done on June 30th at 9 weeks and everything looked great!  His or her heartbeat was 182 BPM (beats per minute) which is fast and strong!  We saw the gummy bear dancing around and moving the arm & leg buds.  It's adorable already!  ♥

Birthday Party Pics

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Happy Birthday Christian!

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Well it's official...Christian is no longer a baby.  He's a big boy!  Happy Birthday to the sweetest toddler in the world!  Mommy & Daddy love you very much!

We had Christian's 2 year well visit today and Dr. Huger was very pleased with his progress (as usual).  He weighs 35 lbs and is 37.5" long (95th percentile for both).  He says about double the amount of words they look for in 2 year olds.  They would like to see toddlers saying around 50 words but Christian easily says 100.  He's such a smarty pants!  The best part of his visit vaccines!  YAY!  He's all caught up on shots until 4 years old.  And we don't go back for another well visit until next year.  All good news!  =) 

Birthday party pictures to come soon.
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